How to participate?

When you participate in E²-RADIatE, you will be given several rights and privileges.

Activate a specific cohort

In order to recruit patients to one or several cohorts, your center must activate E²-RADIatE. There can be as many Investigators (PIs) as there are cohorts within the E²-RADIatE framework but one must be assigned to open E²-RADIatE regardless of cohorts.

Site activation
If your site is already activated for E²-RADIatE (also known as EORTC-1811), you can choose to open new cohorts as they become available. A Principle Investigator will need to be assigned to this new cohort – this does not necessarily need to be the PI of E²-RADIatE or of one of the other cohorts.
Cohort option

Propose a new cohort

We welcome ideas for new cohorts. A cohort must have a radiotherapy component and be non-interventional. It should incorporate basic research questions that can only be addressed by the large-scale collection of real world data. If you have an idea for a new cohort, you will need to complete some basic information about your project. Your project will then be submitted to the E2-RADIatE Steering Committee to ensure that it fits in with its stated objectives. Please note that your proposal will first be sent to EORTC qualified staff for review. Your proposal will remain confidential.

New cohort

Data project

If you are recruiting patients into a cohort, you can have access to the data from this cohort from all centers provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You are actively recruiting patients in the cohort
  • Data from patients you recruited has been entered
  • You do not request data that your site is not committed to supplying (e.g. Quality of Life questionnaires)
Data request

Site activation procedure

E²-RADIatE will be activated gradually in radiotherapy centres in Europe. In the first phase, sites will be activated between April and September 2019.
Patient recruitment will then be possible for patients eligible for the OligoCare cohort. After evaluation of the first phase, we will proceed to the next phase and open more countries and sites. In the second phase, patient recruitment is expected to be also possible for patients eligible for the ParticleCare cohort.

Some general principles apply to the activation of E²-RADIatE:

  • Interested sites will be activated for the E²-RADIatE protocol after regulatory approval. After activation, the site can recruit patients in one or more cohorts depending on site choice.
  • Principle investigators are cohort specific. This means that a site can have more than 1 principal investigator for the E²-RADIatE study.
  • The principle investigator should be either an EORTC or ESTRO member.