The 1500th patient has been enrolled in the E2‑RADIatE cohort OLIGOCARE (RP-1822)

Oligocare cohort - Illustration

It is a great pleasure to announce that the 1500th patient has been enrolled in the OligoCare cohort of the 1811-E2-RADIatE platform. The milestone was reached on the 25th of July and the patient was enrolled by the team of Professor Kaouthar Khanfir (Hopital du Valais – Hopital de Sion).

The first patient has been registered in August 2019. To date, the cohort has an average recruitment of 60 patients/month.

We warmly thank all Investigators that have so far contributed to the success of this cohort, with particular recognition to the top three recruiting investigators, Prof. Filippo Alongi, Prof. Marta Scorsetti and Prof. Umberto Ricardi.

We continue working on opening more sites in the platform to enrol patients in the OligoCare cohort.

The E2-RADIatE platform is an observational prospective multi-cohort study that collects real-world data of cancer patients treated with radiotherapy. It currently includes two cohorts, OligoCare and ReCare:

  • OligoCare includes patients with oligometastatic cancer
  • ReCare will include patients treated with high-dose re-irradiation

The development of cohort RP-2011 ReCare, is almost complete. Once the protocol is released (expected by September 2022), 26 sites will be able to enrol patients in the cohort after regulatory approvals and operational steps have been fulfilled.

Furthermore, in order to increase enrolment and data collection, we are exploring the interest in this cohort from sites already participating in OligoCare.

Thank you to all the participating centres that have so far contributed to Oligocare,

The EORTC 1822 study team